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    applemcg commented  · 

    zachary k, no, i'm in the technology sector, have had two brothers at the bar, and did some work _years_ ago on office automation for a boston law firm. in the past, i made my own "tc" (as in Time Clock) command as a unix shell. it was as simple at slimtimer, but not nearly so effective, since s.t. has tags and oodles of reports. suitable use of tag names and you can generate just about any slice and dice report you want.

    explain the 2/10 = call, 1/10 = leave a message, sounds intriguing. -- really.

    applemcg commented  · 

    rather than "pause" a task, how about a "push-pop" model. e.g. after the phone call, check the appropriate box for the interrupting task, and enter the number of units, where user has set a preference for seconds, min/10, minutes, ... it takes the activity off the critical path. e.g. i don't want to pause a task while answering the phone.

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